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D'Arc's Family Jam

Seasonal, organic jam, hand-picked from local Western, PA farms. Family-owned.

Our Jam Makers

Founder AKA Heart of the Operation

Sharon D'Arcangelo

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Chief Product Model


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Biscotti (dozen)

Authentic Italian biscotti, made from a family recipe passed down from our ancestors in Abruzzo, Italy. Sold by the dozen.

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PA Fruit Harvest: What to Expect

Come one, come all… the Fruit Harvest in Pennsylvania is in full swing at D’Arc’s Family Jam! One of the best times of the year, as locals know all too…

PA’s Locally-Sourced Berry Picking

Historically speaking, Pennsylvania has been one of the highest producing regions in the country for food, dating back to the 1720s. In the southeast region of the state, the climate…

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You can now order directly from our website. Questions? Message us here.
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